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Your first source in quality industry talent! Staff Group West, Inc has quickly grown to become regarded as one of the premiere staffing industry leaders in placing quality talent at some of the top companies across North America. Since the very beginning Staff Group West has been committed to offering our clients the very best talent the industry has to offer. When you consider that we select only a quarter of the overall candidates interviewed and from the hundreds of resumes received.

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Cost-Effective Methods and Quality You Can Rely Upon. Staff Group West, Inc. have sought out the top industry recruiters that are highly effective in locating and delivering skillful talent professionals right to your door! From the start you will recognize the extraordinary lengths our team goes to always offer our clients the most stellar service and committed professionals the industry has to offer.!


We take care of our jobseekers by studying each employee and matching their needs to your background and capability. We also regard your career goals in pairing with a company.

  • Property Management Industry
  • Administrative
  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing

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Staff Group West, Inc. has an outstanding track record of matching the skills of our employees to those required by our clients. We take pride in how we work together with you to helping you determine your career goals while giving you opportunity to showcase your talent. We have what contacts and the right connections with Fortune 500 clients in order to help you find your "right" fit and the ideal employer..


Our mission is always to attend to our clients needs with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and quality. We are here to help you bridge the gap between the help you so desperately require and the quality Staff Group West Inc. personnel you deserve. Our mission is simple, not to be the best at everything only at what matters most to you - having a qualified dependable team behind you!

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