Property Management

We specialize in the management of leased residential properties. Staff Group West Inc. impressive portfolio includes some of the Nation's premiere locations including The Los Angeles area, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco, MD, DC, VA, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and others. Speak to one of our representatives and learn why Staff Group West has been trusted with the management of the Nation's most valuable properties. Call (866) 481-9651. We understand the needs and challenges of today's Community Managers.

Why Staff Group West Inc.
Staff Group West Inc. is an emerging leader in the Property Management industry arena, specifically created to be your ally in all your Recruiting dilemmas. There are several Recruiting companies offering Property Management sourcing, but we are a step above offering you talented professionals. There is truly a difference in our Talent Sourcing, they are trained and groomed for your success but for their own as well. Our candidate takes pride in a job well done. We stand behind each of our assignments, always guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

At Staff Group West Inc. we do not assume your needs are the same with other related circumstances, we listen to hear your specific needs and we are mindful of today's complex and every changing workplace. By choosing Staff Group West you can be assured we understand your time is valuable and limited. Quality is what you want and quality is what you can expect from any Staff Group West professional assigned to your community. Together we can help you remain on schedule and within your budget!

Similarly to you, we are quality and customer focused, our goal is to provide excellent service while building and maintaining your trust. At Staff Group West we aim to please by doing business the old fashioned way - by earning it! The days of old meant business was about getting to know your client base and their needs thoroughly in order to service their business on an individual basis. Not only do we put a lot of emphasis on how we service you, but on the importance of creating lasting professional relationships and building rapport. We look forward to "earning" your business by providing you with the highest level of quality service while assisting you with all your recruiting needs.

Our services include:

  • Leasing Professionals (Including Upper Mgmt.)
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Groundskeepers (Janitorial)
Looking to Hire?
Industries & Fields we service:
  • Accounting & Finance Automotive
  • Environmental
  • Product Sales
  • Administration Operations
  • Clinical
  • Labor Operations
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Aerospace
  • Call Center
  • Manufacturing
  • Sciences
  • Architecture
  • Energy
  • Property Management Industry
  • Light Industry
  • Special Events
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